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Our party was created on May 6, 1993 as the Russian National Union. In November 1998, we became the Russian National Socialist Party. The founder and leader of the party is Konstantin Kasimovsky. In 1992, after a trip to Pridnestrovie (a site of civil conflict in Ukraine) he broke all relations with NPF "Pamyat" and founded the new party.

We base our ideology on four principles:

1) Orthodox Christianity - the religion of our ancestors.
2) Strong State Power - the basis of the Aryan Order.
3) Aggressive Russian Nationalism - the defensive reaction of our Race.
4) Non-Marxist Socialism - equal rights for everybody. The basic elements of the economy must be in the hands of the State.

Our emblem is the "Labarum". It is the monogram of Jesus Christ. Byzantine Emperor Constantine The Great used the Labarum in his heraldry and on his solders' shields.

The Russian National Socialist Party is a militaristic organisation. We have troops for the protection of our meetings and other measures.

Until 1998, we published a weekly newspaper, "Shturmovik" (Stormtrooper, Der Stürmer). This newspaper, an official publication of Russian National Union, was founded in 1994. From its first issue, "Shturmovik" received widespread attention as the most popular newspaper of the Russian Resistance. We always tried to be honorable, uncompromising and, naturally, we gained many enemies. ZOG was at war with our newspaper during its 5 year run. Our distributors were arrested and printing houses were closed. 1998 has been the most "productive" year for ZOG: Russian special forces (FSB) destroyed our central printing house, the Leader of RNS Konstantin Kasimovsky was prosecuted in a court according to Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code ("inciting national, racial and religious animosity"). In October 1998, by the decision of the courts "Shturmovik" was officially closed.

In 1999, we launched our new newspaper, "Pravoye Soprotivleniye" ("Right Resistance").

Our primary interest is in the problems of the Russian nation, but in a broader sense, we desire (and must) unite all White humanity under the red banner of Aryan pride.

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