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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you?

A: We are a serious Slavic nationalist organization dedicated to defending Slavic values, promoting unity, pride and patriotism among all of our people. We have members worldwide of many different Slavic nationalities.

Q: What does "Slavija" mean?

A: Slavija (also spelled Slavia or Slavya) means the land or nation of the Slavs.

Q: What symbols do you use and what are their meanings?

A: We use a number of symbols, such as the lipa tree (also known as a linen or a lime tree) leaf and the pan-Slavic tricolor. The lipa tree was adopted as the official symbol of the Slavic people during the first Pan-Slavic congress. The congress likewise adopted a Slavic blue white red tricolor flag (which is why the new kingdom of Yugoslavia or South Slavija decided to use the pan-Slavic flag as their own). We are not exactly a pan-Slavic organization, however Slavic nationalism has been deeply influenced by pan-Slavic philosophies, therefore we show our relation to pan-Slavinism by using a lipa leaf as one of our symbols. In the same way we recognize blue, white, and red to be Slavic colors and respectively use the Slavic flag as one of our symbols. Our slogan is "Unity and Power" its meaning obviously reflects our goals.

Q: What is Slavic nationalism?

A: Slavic nationalism is a Slavophile philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of Slavic culture and way of thinking for the survival of the Slavic people. Our philosophy recognizes all Slavic people have a great deal in common, our language, culture, and heritage. At the same time out existence as a people is constantly threatened, by outside forces that over thousands of years have demonstrated their desire to destroy our people and culture. These forces similarly do not hesitate to turn one Slavic nation against another for gain and profit. In today's world to survive (both culturally and genetically) out nations need to recognize that the ONLY other people that share their interests are their Slavic brethren. Therefore Slavic solidarity is the best chance we have to survive and prosper as Slavs. Slavic nationalism is the natural extension and companion to ethnic Slavic nationalisms (Russian, Polish, Serbian, etc) because it above all emphasizes self-determinations of Slavs, the importance of our unique traditional culture, and the worth of the Slavic people as a race.

Q: What do you see as the main threats to the Slavic people?

A: The main threat to the Slavic people today is the godless world policies of neo-communistic liberalism and the forces that stand behind it. It is a historically proven fact that the Slavic people could never be dominated militarily, so today our enemies are instead working to destroy our culture and societies. In the present day our populations continue to decline. While at the same time many of our own politicians, fully supported by the world community, are pushing the genocidal ideas of non-Slavic immigration to Slavic lands and mongrelization. Similarly the media and various foreign funded social organizations are continually destroying our culture, traditions, and worldviews. Replacing them with inferior "culture" of MTV, Hollywood and similar filth. Any attempt to resist these trends is labeled as racist, xenophobic or backwards. While the reality is that our traditional views are in fact a self-defense mechanism developed over a thousand years and designed to help our people survive against constant invasions and outside treats.

Q: How does Slavic nationalism relate to other nationalisms (Fascism, Nazism, White Nationalism, etc)?

A: We believe that any Slavic ideology has to be just that, Slavic. Therefore we reject Nazism or other non-Slavic ideologies. First of all it is quite clear that our European "brothers" have killed more millions of Slavs then any one else. It is only divisive and destructive for our people to ever accept any ideology or leaders (like Hitler who is personally responsible for millions of Slavic deaths). Similarly we are Slavophiles, we believe in the utmost importance of our culture, our language, and our traditions. Any serious Slavic nationalist movement must be Slavic at its core. We must use our own language and our own symbols. Otherwise we simply become the tool of our own destruction. This however doesn't mean that we do not recognize some truth in other nationalist movements, they are just not our own.

Q: Are Slavs not just part of the European race?

A: Slavs are an indo-European people, which means that we as a race (sub-race or any other term you prefer to use) are closest to other European people. However we have our own unique worldview, culture and genotype that are in many respects very different from other Europeans. As a matter-of-fact all human beings are of the same species, it is a matter of opinion where to draw the line to divide people into different races. As Slavs we have developed over thousands of years parallel to other Europeans. Therefore we see ourselves not just as Europeans but as Slavs first.

Q: Are you a Pan-Slavic movement?

A: In one word, NO, without a doubt Slavic nationalism has its roots in the Pan-Slavic and Slavophile movements. However it has been shown that the prospects of a united Slavic state are unrealistic. We seek only strong cooperation between Slavic nations, perhaps some form of a confederation, always maintaining the sovereignty and independent of various Slavic motherlands.

Q: What is the official language of your organization?

A: We do not have an official language. We commonly use English because right now it is somewhat of a universal language. Our site however is published in a variety of Slavic languages. Likewise many of our members are fluent in a variety of Slavic (and other) languages. Please feel free to write to us or talk to us on the forum in your native tong and will do our best to respond.

Q: What are your goals and or positions.

A: We have a detailed list of our goals, positions and views in our position section

Q: How can I help your cause or join your organization?

A: If you are Slavic, we by all means encourage you to join us. Any Slavic person regardless of nationality, age, or gender can help us to achieve our common goals. If you are not Slavic, but share our views and goals, you can still help us in a variety of ways. Regardless contact us for more information.

Q: My question wasn't answered where can get more info?

A: There is lots more information on our site, in the positions and news&analysis sections, as always you are also welcome to contact us with any questions. or or

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